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Posted January 19th, 2024

Message of the snowdrop… Holocaust Memorial


Message of the snowdrop, appearing in the depths of winter: “I come to calm your fears to console you in the absence of bright days and assure you of their return.”

The dainty little flower, known as “the white robed messenger of hope”, has a particular significance in Barnet.

Every year thousands of tiny bulbs are handed out by members of the council to be planted around the Borough in honour of the 1.5 million children who died in the Holocaust.

This takes place at the annual Barnet Borough Commemoration for Holocaust Memorial, Day and means that millions of the tiny milky white flowers can be seen all over the borough at a time when other flowers are still tucked up in their beds.

Our own tradition at St. Mary-at-Finchley started many decades ago. The bulbs we planted during One World Week in October, are now showing lots of green shoots. Hopefully flowers will start to appear in time for our HMD Commemoration on Sunday January 28th.

But, just in case, our friend and avid snowdrop grower, Catherine Reuben of the NNL Synagogue will bring some from her garden to sit alongside masses of edible snowdrops decorating our HMD cake.

Look forward to seeing many of you there.