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Posted March 15th, 2024

Buy a lily for a loved one

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BUY A LILY FOR A LOVED ONE …… and help make our church look extra beautiful for Easter Sunday.

The Flower Team invites you to take part in our long standing tradition of flooding the church with sweet scented lilies for Easter.

For as little as £1, you can “buy a lily for a loved one”.  Names will be displayed prominently in special frames near the entrance for at least two weeks.

Please put your donation in one of the envelopes placed at the entrance to the church. All names must be written clearly and preferably in block capitals. These should be handed to Ana, the church administrator, or to Lynn Radnedge, on or before March 24 (Palm Sunday).

To promote long life for the statuesque flowers, we will endeavour to remove the yellow stamens as quickly as they appear. Good news all who suffer from pollen allergies … we want everyone to enjoy the traditional flowers of Easter.

Known as the “white robed apostles of hope”, lilies celebrate the Resurrection and the Hope of Life Everlasting.  The history of lilies dates back 5,000 years; their likeness was recorded on an ancient tablet found in Sumeria, describing a Persian city surrounded by lily fields.

— Lynn Radnedge

REMINDER 22nd March 2024

A gentle reminder that anyone who wishes to remember a loved one as part of our long standing “Lilies for Loved Ones Tradition” should do so this weekend. You are invited to take an envelope near the “Lilies Poster” at the entrance to the church and write the names of those you wish to be remembered . PLEASE REMEMBER TO WRITE THE NAMES CLEARLY AND IN CAPiTAL LETTERS. A small donation is requested towards the cost of the lilies .

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE CASH LYING AROUND BUT HAND IT IN TO THE PARISH OFFICE OR TO LYNN RADNEDGE. I will be in church on Friday morning/early afternoon and for morning worship on Sunday Morning.. .

Aware that there are a number of people who suffer from allergies to the lily pollen, I will endeavour to remove the offending stamens as necessary, but we will also be using Calla Lilies which do not produce pollen and also the popular alstromeria flowers, known as “Peruvian Lilies ” which do not produce pollen.

Many thanks,