junior church 2During the 10am Eucharist, Junior Church groups meet in the Church Hall and the Blue Beetle Hall (term-time only).

We are always keen for volunteers to help with the different groups – no experience is necessary. We are also on the look out for anyone with a skill they might like to share with a group: we’ll take anything from paper folding to Frisbee!

Bananas (Ages 7 to 10)

  • Bananas tries to encourage curiosity about God and the world.
  • We like children to arrive early and set out tables with Lego, colouring sheets, play-dough and word-searches so they can play and socialize before we meet.
  • The group always starts with a prayer and a bible story, then we do something unexpected.
  • Some weeks we make art or play with the parachute. Other times we’ll learn a new skill. Last month we had a go at dancing, boxing and making a giant collage. Next month we’re looking forward to singing lessons and making mobiles.
  • We want to create a supportive, positive environment where your children can explore their creativity and curiosity.

Discussion Group (Age 11+)

The Discussion Group is aimed at those at secondary school – members range from 11-16. We meet to talk about the things that matter – whether religious, moral, ethical or political and frame our discussions within the context of our shared Christian faith. Topics can range from Fair Trade to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse!

If you want to talk about it, we will! All that is needed is a willingness to contribute, to challenge and to be challenged. The Discussion Group is an incredibly friendly group to which all are welcome.                  

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