St Mary’s has a history of over 900 years service to the people as the Parish Church of this area of North London. Part of the Diocese of London within the Church of England, we aim to be a lively and generous community of faith, committed to the work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ within the Modern Liberal Catholic tradition of the Anglican Church.

Our building is kept open each day during daylight hours reflecting our theology of openness and service to the wider local community. If you should wish to visit us in person we hope that you will find a warm welcome and a stimulating home in this household of faith, St Mary-at-Finchley.

St Mary’s is a member of the Inclusive Church Network which seeks, “to work for an Anglicanism that is open, inclusive and just.”

confirmatioinCHRISTIAN FAITH


For those who wish to find out more about the Christian Faith we run an Enquirers Group. For some this leads to Confirmation and for others it is simply a stage on the journey of faith, a genuine opportunity to explore.

Study Groups

These run in Lent and at other times in the year. Many in our congregation are interested in the interface of Science and faith.


The Pilgrimage to St Albans in June is a regular feature on our calendar. We hope to visit other pilgrimage sites in the future.

Quiet Days and Retreats

We regularly use St Peter’s Bourne for parish quiet days and have enjoyed parish retreats in Ely, Woking and Pleshey in recent years.

Christian faith touches every part of our lives – our social activities are also concerned with practical faith.